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Angus Nelson

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Angus is award winning writer, author of Love’s Compass, and a contributor at He’s available for editing, copy writing, and ghostwriting. - Tech, Social Media, & Narrative Non-Fiction

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Social Fresh

4 Ways To Get Your Business On More Twitter Lists

by Angus Nelson on Feb 06, 2013
Followers, follower...

Stringio article
Social Fresh

Getting people to tweet your content is easier than you think

by Angus Nelson on Jul 17, 2013
Most people are inh...

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Social Fresh

How to get your coworkers to share company news on social networks

by Angus Nelson on Mar 13, 2013
Ok, picture this…

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Social Fresh

The Simple Secret of Why People Share Your Content (or don't share it)

by Angus Nelson on Nov 19, 2012
I don’t remember ha...

Couple article

7 Ways to Bring Sexy Back to Your Marriage | Daddy Approves

Three children, 2, 3, and 17, cause our life to never be the same. Between feedings, nap time, laundry, cleaning, potty breaks, and work – not to mention crappy teen [...]

Lville article

Review: Louisville, Kentucky – Your Family Will Love It! | Daddy Approves

My wife is attending a conference in Louisville, Kentucky for the week. Besides the Kentucky Derby, I really don’t know what there is to do. However, within the first hour of [...]

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Social Fresh

The difference between content that hits and misses is…

“Content is king, marketing is Queen, and your blog is their castle”.
It was former Salesforce Social Media Director and now startup of Addvocate, Marcus Nelson, who stated this. And though I agree, I...


Speaking Demo Reel on Vimeo

Harnessing his training and personal experiences, Angus Nelson communicates a grace-filled message of hope and restoration to men & women across the country. His…


The Porn Talk

No one wants to really have this conversation... pe...